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PahlConsulting is a Strategy and Operations Consultancy company, part of Pahldata Group founded in 1987, with presence in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

PahlConsulting was born with a purpose and an ambition: to be a national and international Management Consulting and Advisory company, recognized as a reliable partner and with an offer centered on our customers needs and challenges. We believe that the sustainability of our business depends on creating long-term relationships and partnerships. In addition to the countries where we are present, we also have projects carried out in Spain, Dubai and Cape Verde.

Our qualified team
is committed to understand the challenges and problems of customers and therefore seeking to find innovative, disruptive solutions that provide value, materializing in effectiveness and efficiency.
Today we invest
in services that relate to the Digital Transformation of organizations, Information Security and Cybersecurity, Circular Economy, the Transformation of Data into knowledge and innovation, through the training and certification of our employees. Our recruitment and selection strategy is based on a collaborative network with knowledge centers, namely national reference universities and renowned professionals in different areas where we develop projects.

We are

We are a company with multinational projection.
We are a culture of excellence that dares to propose innovative and disruptive solutions.
We are a long-term partner, which accompanies the development of the customer business.
We are a company of opportunities for those who want challenges.
We are RIGHTEOUS, INNOVATIVE, we deliver with QUALITY and we are AMBITIOUS. That’s why we created PahlConsulting.

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