EventsThe first 3 have passed, what now? Come 30 more!



Birthdays are always something worth noting. We celebrate anything, a birth, a wedding, a friendship. In the case of PahlConsulting, I think that today we celebrate all of this together.

Has it been 3 years? We didn’t even notice them! It was 3 years in which we did a lot of projects in Portugal and abroad: we helped several organizations to obtain financing in the P2020 program, we implemented business risk management systems, information security systems, quality management systems, optimization of the purchasing function, automation of processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), among many other things. But soon we internationalize ourselves and we are helping the Angolan government to implement the Economy Diversification Program (PRODESI), we developed the strategic tourism plan for the island of Santiago in Cape Verde, just to mention a few examples.

PahlConsulting was born with a purpose: to help its customers to be more efficient, more sustainable, innovative, to make better decisions and, in the end, because we believe that this is a consequence of everything we propose to do, to contribute to create value in the medium and long term in the organizations we work with.

Along the way, there were several who supported us: all our employees, in their delivery and professionalism and willingness to do better. Our partners, who believed in us and let us take their offers to the market and represent their name. Our customers that have entrusted us with challenging projects. And, a special mention for our families, who, in these difficult and uncertain times, with the whole team in telework, have seen us take our entire professional life inside the home.

What about the future? PahlConsulting was born from the desire of a group of people to do differently. And so we will always be looking for solutions to solve our customers’ problems. And that is why we believe that we will continue to grow, create jobs and create value: for our customers, for our employees, for our partners and for our economy. And so we believe that we will continue to be here for many more years!